Have you ever felt like you’re just not making any headway at all in business? — that for every one step forward, you go two steps backward? This is not uncommon. It is a symptom of a very dangerous organizational disease called “refer-it-to-the-next-guyitis.” Actually, we just made that up. But there actually is a common problem in business that can easily rob a company of two-thirds of its income and productivity due to wasted time and wasted effort. Frazzled nerves and sleepless nights are symptoms of this disease.

You may catch a glimpse of how bad this can get when you go to a government office for a simple task that should take all of 5 minutes to complete and you end up spending hours, or even days, being referred from one desk to another for what amounts to nothing but a waste of time. Count the number of salaries involved and you’ll see how expensive this could get if the organization in question is a private company!

How do you recognize this disease in your company? How do you cure it?

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