What if you were able to say, “What recession? We’re doing great!” Of course, it is important to be aware of economic conditions and to stay well informed in business. But you could take that too far. A lot of what we hear in the news is calculated to do just one thing — make us afraid.

The fact of the matter is that while what is going on in the environment around your business is important, what your business is doing about it is MUCH more important.

It’s a fact that many companies thrive and do well in tough economic times. How do they do it? For one thing, they apply the principles contained in this book, whether (1) intentionally by learning them, (2) by trial and error or (3) by luck.

It could be that you need to become more efficient and lower your costs. It could be that you are applying the wrong “formula” to your own situation. Maybe you have personnel that are just killing your business by wasting time and energy.

Whatever your unique circumstances are, this book will, possibly for the first time in your career, provide you with the precise tools you’ll need to face the ongoing challenges that this world is throwing at you.

Find out how to make the outside world your marketplace, not your problem!

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